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Gold Ring

How to Invest in Gold

Most people think of jewelry when they hear the word gold, but gold is actually a great investment too. We, and many others, believe that 2014 is a very good time to be investing in gold.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be rolling in money already to invest. Gold bars and gold coins are the main investment vehicles, and both have an entry level at a little over US$1200 at today’s rate. (more…)

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Gold Coin

Should you Invest in Gold?

As early as 2001, there has been a movement upwards in the price of gold. Amazingly, gold prices increased above 400% in only eight years. Due to this rise, investing in gold now is a very sensible thing to do.

Gold is becoming less and less available each day that goes by. As gold is very cheap to buy right now, one can only guess how much it will increase in the future.  (more…)

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Gold Decoration

Top Investments for Retirement

Retirement may sound daunting, especially if you have been under a payroll for the better part of your life. The scariest part is the capacity to rely on your own income after retirement. This is understandable and it means that you need to know how to make the most out of your retirement funds.

Some of the top investments to consider during retirement are listed below; they’ve been a real savior to most retirees and have offered the best leverage over the increasing cost of living. (more…)

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classic car

Investing in Classic Cars in the UK

With the current economic state where house prices are deteriorating and interest rates dipping to the lowest levels for quite some time, is there any method left to invest your money, have some fun and get some good revenue from it? Fortunately there is, you can opt to invest your savings in classic cars.

Classic cars are toys that offer the wildest of driving experiences. Viewed as a symbol of luxury, they continue to attract attention with their amazing designs, engineering expertise and age. For further information regarding tax issues on classic cars, it may be advisable to telephone the tax office number found here. Or alternatively the DVLA contact number that is listed by clicking here. (more…)

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